1. POZYTON Ltd. - A company profile.

POZYTON is a Polish manufacturer of Electronic Measuring Equipment, with its Company headquarters in Częstochowa.
The Company was established in 1989 by an engineering group committed to research in new technologies in electronics,
and focusing on development of truly unique devices for measuring circuit power, electrical flow and energy consumption.
The Company began with production of only simple devices, but through the years POZYTON's single product line expanded
into a variety of sophisticated electronic meters with broad measuring capabilities.

At present, POZYTON products include measuring systems which interface with telecommunications networks and allow immediate
collection and transmission of a full span of relevant energy data. With current production devices incorporating microprocessor
technology, data taken directly from meters can be transferred to distant collection sites to complete a commercial
settlement, provide essential elements for energy related analyses, or uniquely determine the output and destination
of the flow of electrical energy.
In fact, modern telecommunications capabilities are employed in conjunction with POZYTON measuring devices to allow interface
with other national or international power distribution systems. POZYTON does interact with many European producers of measuring
devices in efforts to standardize measuring capabilities across the Continent of Europe.

POZYTON products have been tested, production procedures certified, and specific approvals granted by the Polish Electrical
Engineering Standards Office. Such approvals allow POZYTON measuring devices to be used as standards in commercial energy
settlements and multi-sector billing systems.
POZYTON utilizes modern microprocessor technologies, holds patent protection, and enjoys an experience base which can be tailored
to solve a variety of customers problems. This assures the Company's continued growth and success. POZYTON employees
are experienced engineers in informatics, communications, metrology and microelectronics.
In 1999, the company obtained ISO quality certificate granted by KEMA.
POZYTON cooperates with many companies in the energy sector and has an authorized partners all over the country.

2. Production objectives.

POZYTON's current Company objectives reflects three main research, development and production thrusts:
- family of single and three phase electricity meters for household demand;
- three phase transformer connection electricity meters, designed for small business, shopping centers and industry;
- high accuracy three phase transformer connection meters for power distribution companies and power plants;
- software for meters operating;
- designing and complete realization of measuring systems, applying sophisticated device with wireless data transmission;
- remote metering data collecting systems;
- expertising of electricity meters by Accredited Measurement and Reaserch Laboratory with Accreditation Certificate
of Calibration Laboratory issued by Polish Centre for Accreditation - testing of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);

Utilizing the innovative technology meters in POZYTON are produced according to harmonized standards with EU new
approach MID directives.

3. Production facility.

The Company has its production facility in the "Production and Training Center" complex in Czestochowa. The Center
is equipped with a sophisticated SMT assembly line. To ensure a broad product development capability, POZYTON
is also equipped with a testing and calibration laboratory, certified and approved by Polish Standardization Office.
Our laboratories allow POZYTON to conduct complete precision testing and calibration procedures for all meter types
being used in the power network.

4. Company goals.

POZYTON offers a wide variety of products for electricity markets, and expects to expand into new market segments
in developing countries such as Asia, Africa, South America, and other portions of Eastern Europe, all areas having
enormous and escalating demands for electrical energy. Our company clients are not only energy distributors
in nations with increasingly complex requirements for consumption and controls but also individual electrical energy
receivers. Since a majority of countries producing electronic measuring devices are moving toward a common
standard already incorporated in POZYTON products, the Company is poised to enter strategic partnerships with power
companies around the globe.

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